The task
The White Plains Business Improvement District (WPBID) discovered a strip of vacant storefronts with their windows haphazardly covered in kraft butcher paper. These vacancies were not receiving any interest in being rented or bought. In addition, the unoccupied area was not promoting the kind of joyful atmosphere that the WPBID desired to see. I was tasked with creating a visual representation of Judith Sloan's poem, "i want." The client specifically requested a bright and cheerful aesthetic in order to attract those who are passing by.
The Process
The creative process began with brainstorming and ideation in regards to Sloan's poetry. Fortunately, I was given a lot of creative freedom in how I decided to represent the poem. After some initial iterations, I concluded that utilizing the constant variable of "i want" would be beneficial in creating a dynamic composition that would satisfy the desires of the WPBID. From that point, I continued experimenting with different effects, color palettes and uses of typography. After many iterations, the client and I settled on a very vibrant silhouette-like composition.

Design iterations from various stages of the design process.

The Result and Reception
The WPBID was very satisfied with the final product. They specifically enjoyed the bright sunset inspired color scheme, which answered their request of an uplifting and inviting aesthetic. The client was also excited about the experiential aspect of the project, as the mural looked very different across the street compared to being up close. In addition, this piece was very well received by local business, Lanline Communications. As a result they decided to sponsor its installation.
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