The Task
I was tasked with creating a full brand identity system for a new specialty brick and mortar shop. The client was very excited about working collaboratively in deciding on naming, visuals, and overall aesthetic. From the start, the client made it very clear that she wanted everything to feel very intentional and have a sense of belonging.
The Process
The creation of the logo and wordmark were most important in my creative process, as they served as a starting point. To match the rugged and distressed feel that the client was looking for, I initially drew the wordmark by hand. I intended to pay homage to vintage lettering and typography while also creating something contemporary and timeless. The horseshoe as an icon came into play as it represents good luck and fits the western aesthetic quite well. This too was hand-drawn and inspired by vintage illustrations and etchings. Finally the color palette was decided on by looking towards western earth-tones. Once all of these items were lined up, it was time to create business cards, a website, gift cards, social media posts, and a one of a kind hand-painted sign.

Early logo ideas and iterations.

The Result
The client was thrilled with how everything turned out! The identity became very robust and was able to be displayed successfully among various applications. The whimsical nature of the store and the identity allowed for some unique additions that focussed on handmade elements. The client and I were both very excited to see Nine By Ash come to life! .

Hand painted sign on repurposed wood.

Logo and branding displayed on shopping bags, jewelry pouches, gift cards, and business cards.

Hand-painted horseshoe displayed behind the counter.

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