Social Media Explainer Animations
The social media explainer animations was a brand new initiative for NYC Parks. I was lucky enough to be able to introduce and define the look and feel of these social media posts as well as illustrating and animating each video. Each animation is intended to inform park visitors about about particular issues that they should be aware of within the public space.
Event Posters
Winter Jam and Street Games are two of NYC Parks flagship public events. Due to the snow themed activities offered at Winter Jam, I decided to propose a knitted sweater theme for the event's branding. Much like actual knitted graphics, each element was very well considered and I had to use my space very wisely. Street Games is a much more kid-friendly event with a heavy focus on throwback sporting activities,. My design was reminiscent of the markings one might find on a basketball court. Rather than keeping the figures within their box, I decided to highlight each activity that would take place. Unfortunately, Street Games 2020 never took place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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